Fun With Google Translate: Euan Holden Played For the Dallas Cowboys

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Stuart Holden and little brother Euan (currently with Bury FC) will face off in a reserve match today, prompting Bolton blog The Lion of Vienna Suite to dig a little into their histories to see if the pair of Scottish Texans have ever faced off as pros. They haven’t, but that’s not the most interesting thing revealed by the research; the most interesting thing is Euan Holden’s Danish Wikipedia page, translated to English. Google Translate, you are the best.

Euan doesn’t have an English wiki, probably because he has only played for a few English clubs, mostly non-league. But he does have a Danish Wikipedia page, a result of a short stink in Denmark with Velje Boldklub. I’m gonna go ahead and hazard a guess that “Velje Boldklub” doesn’t actually translate to “Dallas Cowboys.” Alas, that’s what Google Translate reports.

LOL WHUT? There’s some Danish speaker out there gaming Google Translate. Is it a compliment or a insult? YOU DECIDE (also, Velje Boldklub no longer exists as Velje Boldklub; in 2011, the club merged with another local team to form Vejle Boldklub Kolding). So it’s “Dallas Cowboys Kolding” now, just to be accurate.

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