Gabe Zakuani Loves Twitter. Like, “Named His Son After It” Loves It

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We’ve got quite the trifecta for you here, kids: a footballer being weird, “unique” celebrity baby names, and twitter. Peterborough United’s Gabriel Zakuani is such a fan of the social network, he’s named his new son “Trendy.”

Now, don’t get us wrong. KCKRS loves Twitter. All of our writers are avid users, and we remind you every morning at the end of QWK KCKS to follow us. I’ve just never named my children after it (Possibly because I have none. And I’m pretty sure calling your baby “#Hashtag Hickey” is legally child abuse).

But celebrities can name their kids whatever they want, because that’s what money and fame lets you do (right, Moon Unit Zappa?). So Gabe Zakuani, owner of the @Gabs50Zakuani twitter handle (roughly 6,800 followers) and brother of Sounders forward Steve, decide to kill two birds with one stone, paying tribute to girlfriend Shanice Petrie fashion career and honoring the addictive social media site.

People have asked if his name is because of trending topics on Twitter. People know I use the site and maybe it was in the back of my mind.

Everyone has been giving me banter. The gaffer Darren Ferguson wouldn’t believe me. He kept asking me what it really is. But Trendy definitely suits him. I’m sure it’ll grow on everybody.

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