Galaxy To Squeeze Last Few Drops Of Profitability Out Of David Beckham

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

While the will-he-won’t-he-stay-or-go-does-he-love-Dawson-or-Pacey debate rages over the future of one David Robert Joseph Beckham, one certainty remains: Until the new year, the former England captain and transatlantic treasure is still under contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy. And they will wring every last cent out of him that is humanly possible. First stop, Indonesia.

Some people might think that a 36 year old midfielder who just played a full season and hobbled through a Cup Final with a torn hamstring might be entitled to a bit of rest. Well, those people obviously don’t have a bottom line to think about. DaveyBecks has just over a month left on his contract, and he will spend that month being the dancing bear/international ambassador that he’s paid to be.

That’s why the Galaxy are embarking upon a barnstorming tour of Southeast Asia, playing games in Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and why David is damn well going to be on the field. What, you think they’re gonna be buying Adam Cristman jerseys?

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