Gazza Went On Video For Umbro, Owned Up To Every Crazy Story You Ever Heard

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It would be heresy in some circles of English football to say that Paul Gascoigne was not born to be a footballer. Possibly the most naturally talented Englishman of the last half-century, we would argue that Gazza was really meant to be the frontman of a 70s rock band. All the other “crazy” footballers can quit now, they’ll never top Gazza. Mario Balotelli did an interview with Noel Gallagher and denied most of the wildest rumors about him. Gazza did an interview and owned up to his.

While it’s a wonderful thing he’s off the sauce now, a night out with Gazza back in the day must have been something else. Certainly not a boring occasion.

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