German Elephant Is No Pulpo Paul, Missed on USWNT Pick

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Germans are at it again, attempting to replace the late, great, Pulpo Paul with another psychic creature who can correctly predict soccer matches. The latest is a baby elephant named Nelly, who – based on todays Women’s World Cup semifinal between the US and France, is proving to be a poor replacement.

Nelly is presented with a ball and two goals, with a flag on each goal representing the teams involved in the match. With a mighty pachyderm kick, she sends the ball into one of the nets. This indicates that the team Nelly scored on will get scored on in the game, thereby predicting the winner.

Nelly got all of Germany’s matches right, included their loss to Japan, but it looks like the scope of her prophetic vision is limited to her home country’s team. For the semis, Nelly picked France to beat the United States. The US won earlier today 3-1.

Nelly also picked Sweden to beat Japan in the second semifinal today.

Source: Speigel

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