Getafe Got Conned By A Brazilian Waiter Dressed As A Sheikh

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Every now and then, you hear about someone who fell for one of those Nigerian email scams and you can’t help but laugh. No one could be that stupid, right? I mean, transferring money with no promise of anything and expecting a free windfall? Dumb. But the con continues because people are dumb. Even presidents of football clubs are dumb. This is why Getafe gave money to a fake sheikh that was actually a Brazilian waiter.

Thankfully, Catalan police are on the case. It’s hard to convince a football club you’re a sheikh over email. You have to meet in person. The operators of the elaborate scheme couldn’t find an actual Arab, apparently.

Catalan police have arrested a network of fraudsters who allegedly deceived businessmen and directors of football clubs, including Getafe, into thinking an Arab sheikh was interested in investing in their business.

Cadena SER has reported that Ángel Torres, Getafe’s president, had been promised an investment of 10 million euros but the club never received the money because the sheikh who was supposed to be providing the investment never existed.

The victims of the fraud, including Torres, were required to transfer funds as a guarantee of solvency to a bank account belonging to the fraudsters. The victims paid the money but the investment never appeared.

The fraudsters organised business trips to Arab countries with their victims and had a luxurious office in a wealthy Barcelona neighbourhood, where photos were found of the fraudsters pictured with influential politicians and King Juan Carlos. They organised meetings in luxurious hotels which were attended by a false Arab sheikh, who was in fact a Brazilian waiter who was paid 50 euros to dress up as a sheikh.

Getafe weren’t the only ones the scammers targeted, but no other club names are mentioned. Espanyol also met with the “sheikh”, but were tipped off about the scam in time to avoid handing over money.

Here’s the kicker about Getafe: The club is already owned by an Arab concern, the Royal Emirates Group, who bought the club in 2011. That’s Torres in the photo above, signing the deal. The man has experience with real Arab sheikhs, and he still got conned by a Brazilian in a costume. There are no words.


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