Gold Cup Tickets Got Unsurprisingly Expensive When USA and Mexico Made the Final

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

USA-Mexico was the Gold Cup Final everybody wanted to see (except for the other teams in the tournament, and their fans, and all of those people who don’t really care…but I digress). Especially CONCACAF, since the game is sold out, and especially people who are reselling tickets. Prices have skyrocketed, thanks to the match-up we expected actually happening.

TiqIQ sent along this graphic showing just how big the spike in the resale ticket market prices was when the finalists were determined on Wednesday night. Back on Tuesday, when there were a few questions about whether or not USA-Mexico would happen, prices were at their lowest point since the tourney started.

Then the US beat Panama…and Mexico beat Honduras. And now everyone who bought tickets to the Final and is selling them is sitting on a gold mine, and anyone who wants to get tickets last minute is staring at a hefty charge.

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