Good Job, Divers: Harry Potter Hates Soccer Now

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Daniel Radcliffe, better known to world’s nerds as the kid who played Harry Potter in the Harry Potter films and to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling as “that kid that makes me a kajillion pounds” is done with football. And it’s all your fault, you crybaby divers.

Radcliffe was a Fulham supporter. That’s right, “was”, because he’s declared himself done with the modern game thanks to all the whining. Oh, and as an extra bit of salt, he’s becoming an American football fan.

“I really love American football. The athleticism certainly far surpasses English football and it is exciting to watch”, he said.
“With English football, I am not as into it any more. They fall over and they cry.”

Let’s try not to focus too much on the irony of a man who grew up playing a character not exactly known for his machismo deciding that soccer is too wimpy for his tastes, or the irony of an actor decrying the state of the game because of all of the acting involved.

Both might lead to crying.

And I suppose this eliminates Radcliffe and his fortune as the possible savior of a down-and-out English club at any point in the future. Sad face.

Source: The Telegraph

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