Gorgeous Soccer Posters You Will Wish You Could Own

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We linked to a collection of jaw-droppingly gorgeous soccer “posters” (if that’s what they are) in this morning’s QWK KCKS, but after spending the rest the morning going back over and over – we had to share more. If Ray Hudson were to describe these, even he’d run out of superlatives by the third or fourth one.

Some more of our favorites below…

(Ed: we’ve contacted the designer, Zoran Lucić, who we’ll be interviewing for KCKRS shortly)

The collections spans history, from Puskas and Eusebio to modern stars. The look of the “X” in Xavi’s name over the “6″ is a nice touch.

Is David Villa behind frosted glass or suspended in ice? Either way, it’s perfect for a stone cold finisher.

Johann Cruyff. Psychodelic and geometric at the same time.

Chosen almost totally because it incorporates the best George Best quote.

One of the most iconic football moments of the 21st Century, immortalized comic book-style. Of course Zidane has glowing shards of supernatural power coming out of the head that smited Materazzi.

Now think of a truly great player from the last sixty years. Chances are he has one too. Go check out the full gallery and see for yourself.

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