Guyana’s Coach Will Coach His Team VIA SKYPE Against Mexico Tomorrow

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

No one gives Guyana much of a chance against Mexico in the World Cup qualifier taking place at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston tomorrow (Guyana sold the rights to a home game in a rather hideous cash grab), and this bit of news probably won’t help. Head coach Jamaal Shabazz didn’t make the trip for “personal reasons”, so he’ll coach the team over the internet. Via Skype. What a world.

Assistant Wayne Dover could simply handle the coaching duties in Shabazz’s absence, but that would be boring.

“There are technology systems [Skype] that will allow him to communicate with the group,” stated Dover. “The players here know the style of play, and I’m sure they’ll give a great exhibition,” he continued.

Even though it’s Skype, this situation has the feeling of one of those Cisco ads where Ellen Page visits her shrink’s office (I think it’s her shrink), finds that he’s on vacation, then talks to him through a video call in crystal clear high definition.

Since it’s Skype, Shabazz will instead have to repeat himself six or seven times when the audio quality of the connection drops to nothing while his team huddles around a laptop looking at a vaguely Shabazz-shaped blob on a 15″ screen.

The logical thing to do is set up a stand on the sidelines with a laptop with Shabazz on screen through a Skype connection. Hook the laptop up to some speakers that will allow him to yell at his players while the game is playing out, and we’ve found a telecommuting solution to the sticky problem of remote coaching.

Pep Guardiola could coach like twelve teams from the comfort of his New York penthouse that way. Mind-blowing.


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