Here’s An #NYCFC Badge Design That Is Very Man City

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

After our call for more New York City Football Club-inspired designs yesterday–since we don’t know what the club’s logo and colors will be–we received this from @spandlegax on Twitter*. It borrows several elements from Man City’s badge, and if we’re reading this properly, does a pretty good job of using New York imagery in the place of Manchester imagery while still resembling City’s badge. Let’s begin.

City’s badge (see this link for reference) includes a golden eagle–this design for NYCFC includes an eagle as well, but one with a much more American, bald eagle look.

In a nod to the Yankees’ involvement in NYCFC, this design includes the iconic frieze that graced the original Yankee Stadium and is replicated in the baseball club’s new building.

In the Manchester City badge, the three white stripes represent the three rivers of Manchester; we’re guessing that they remain on the NYCFC badge for the same reason (New York has the Hudson, Harlem, and East Rivers).

If the three stars, pulled down from above the eagle’s head in the Man City badge and into the blue field in the NYCFC version, mean anything, we’re not sure what it might be.

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*Disclaimer: We have no idea if this badge is the work of spandlegax. If it’s not and it belongs to you, let use know and we’ll attribute it properly.

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