Here’s A Site With Soccer Stamps That May Or May Not Be Working

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

I have two words for you: “Football Philately.” “Philately”, for the uninitiated and those of you with dirty minds, is the study of stamps. Leave it to KCKRS to discover a site called “Football Philately” dedicated to the study of soccer-themed stamps that is no longer working (at least for me) for whatever reason. Thank jeebus for the cache.

Football Philately seems to be a bit of a stop-start affair, brought to us by the person behind the wonderful site Footysphere. Relaunched just a few days ago, the site is currently broken as far as I can tell. Nevertheless, we can still enjoy the latest entry through the magic of Google.

The latest entry includes images of two stamps from the 1958 World Cup in Sweden.

Here’s one more from the FP collection of the Maracana Stadium in Brazil issued to commemorate the 1950 World Cup.

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