Here’s Hope Solo Being Pretty Swell At Dancing On Television

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So KCKRS’ favorite American goalkeeper (sorry, Timmy) was on that dancing show on ABC the other night. And with our expert analysis of network televised celebrity dancing contests, we’d say she did pretty well.

Not that any of us are experts on dancing or anything, but the judges certainly praised Hope and her partner, some guy who totally doesn’t appreciate her and doesn’t deserve to be that close to her and probably doesn’t even like soccer because he’s stupid. They gave the couple an encouraging 21/30 on their first dance.

And at some point, Hope made what tumblr reliably informs us is called a “Bitchface.”

I’m conflicted here about the prospect of her moving forward and making a deep run. On one hand, Hope is bringing exposure and publicity to women’s soccer at a time when WPS could really use it. On the other hand, Chris might make me watch Dancing With The Stars again.

Kidding. Go Hope!

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