Here’s Our Apology For Not Knowing About Subbuteo Art Before (There’s Subbuteo Art!)

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Despite out best efforts, we occasionally miss things here at KCKRS. We do our damndest to bring you the best of soccer culture, be it art, music, movies, games, etc., but every once in awhile something amazing exists that evades out near-constant scanning of the internet (we have an algorithm we call “Joe.” It’s constantly calling out sick and eating up all of the free cookies in the break room. What’s an algorithm again?). This is one of those things we missed. It’s Subbuteo Art, and it’s magnificent.

You’ll be wanting to run directly over to the Subbuteo Art site to check out the beautiful hand-painted figures, but before you do, here’s a taste of what you’ll see. All of this is done by Terry Lee (follow him @SubbuteoArt), and all of it is available for purchase.

First, Eden Hazard kicking the ball boy. Art RIPPED FROM HEADLINES.

George Best!


Zlatan! Scoring the insane overhead kick against England!

Sir Alex, Jose, and Arsene!

See more of Terry’s work at Subbuteo Art. And yes, he takes requests.

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