Here’s Robbie Savage Trying to Set a World Record By Wearing a Crap Load of Shirts

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Retired footballers need things to fill up their free time. They also in many cases need cash. Robbie Savage, who was among football’s most hated players during this career, apparently is sating both of those needs by doing dumb stunts in the name of publicity.

Promoting Championship sponsor npower’s Club 72 thing (Visit stadiums! Collect badges! It’s like Scouts for football fans!), Savage donned 72 different shirts – one for every Football League club – in an attempt to set a world record*. Definitely worth it, right?

If you’re a fan of a club currently in the Football League but you’re not a fan of Robbie Savage (remember, MOST HATED MAN IN FOOTBALL), it’s probably not cool that he wore your team’s shirt as part of a ridiculous stunt. So there’s that, now painfully stuck in your craw.

*Robbie’s attempt is being verified by whoever verifies stupid world records, so we don’t know if he actually set one yet. Which makes it even more hilarious.

via the Daily Mail

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