Here’s What The adidas miCoach Elite System Can Tell Us About The MLS All-Star Game

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Ahead of the All-Star game last week, there was a lot of buzz about adidas’ new miCoach system. MLS will use the technology next year, but we all got a sneak peak at the All-Star game, when both MLS and Chelsea were fitted with the system. And because we’re pretty awesome, and because the people over at adidas are super-nice, they sent us a quick preview of some of the data collected along with some explanations of what exactly the graphs are indicating.


Henry – This timeline was over 50 min and he seemed very active the whole time even when the speed was down meaning he was doing more cutting and stopping rather than full speed runs.  A trainer would conclude that physically he put in a good first half.  This kind of work effort requires a recovery day.


Johnson – You can see the big increase in speed and the power generated so you know he made a big and fast run to hit that goal.  Because the time sequence is so small it is hard to see how his system reacted to it although there is some indication in the doughnut chart that heart was elevated in excess of power – possibly due to excitement and celebration of the goal.  The power peak is a good reference for a coach who wants to design training sessions that push the athletes to the level needed to succeed in competition.

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