Hidetoshi Nakata Is Opening Up a Sake Bar

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Every former football star needs something to do when he hangs up his boots. Some get their coaching badges. Some become terrible pundits. Some become whatever the hell Robbie Savage is now. Former Japan star Hidetoshi Nakata is opening a trendy pop-up sake bar.

For those who don’t know, a “pop-up” establishment is one only around for a limited time and whose main purpose is not to make money, but to allow urban hipsters to say “hey, remember how great ‘x’ was?” and look down on people who never got to experience it.

Nakata’s pop-up watering hole, named “N-Bar,” is set to be a part of “Arigato In London,”  an event created by leading Japanese citizens to thank the international community for its response to the 2011 tsunami.

Nakata is apparently a huge sake connoisseur, and plans to launch his own line of the drink next year.

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