High School Soccer Team Gets Suspended For A Dance Move Based On An 80s Movie

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The eighties were a crazy time. Shoulder pads in blazers, voting for Reagan, and the constant threat of getting sucked into worlds generated by primitive computers were all real things. I think. Ask Jason, he was alive for much more of the 80s than I was. Anyway, another thing from that decade is the movie Weekend At Bernie’s. Which, over twenty years later, spawned a dance and a song describing that dance. And now soccer players are in trouble for doing that dance.

The dance, imaginatively called “the Bernie,” can be seen here, in the just as creatively titled “Movin’ like Bernie.”

It’s one of those simple, easily recognizable dances that works its way into popular culture for a few seconds before leaving behind only memories and bad youtube videos. Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens did it to celebrate a touchdown. Some guy called Charlie Davies did it after scoring a goal for D.C. United. High school soccer teams like Archbishop Curley and Perry Hall did it.

The only thing is, Perry Hall’s season was nearly just as dead as Bernie Lomax.

After a playoff win, Perry Hall’s varsity team did the dance, just like they’d been doing all year. But this time, parents from the losing team, Dulaney High, complained that the dance was sexually suggestive. And instead of asking why grown adults found underage teenagers pretending to be corpses sexual, the Perry Hall principal suspended the entire team.

Fortunately, realizing he was acting awfully like the bad guys in Footloose (I assume, it’s another one of those eighties things I’ve never actually seen – Ed. – which was just remade, because things from the 80s are inherently awesome.), and fearing the intense glare of the KCKRS media machine, the team was reinstated and will be allowed to play their game.

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