Hope Solo Kinda Wishes She Had Cheated, Is Still Hot

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

While we know that female footballers roll around, carry on, and waste time far less than the men do, there’s one World Cup star who sort of wishes she had done just that.

Hope Solo became America’s darling this past month for her dogged determination, fantastic performances, and well, because she’s hot, too. And it’s not just our opinion.

But following the USA’s Women’s World Cup Final loss to Japan yesterday, where her teammates hung her out to dry by missing their first three penalty kicks in the decisive shootout, Solo took responsibility for the loss, saying game-delaying theatrics could have helped her team hold on for victory.

After Abby Wambach totally did her thing with a powerful header in the 104th minute, Solo refused to waste time receiving treatment for a knee problem, sending the trainer off the field when she could have killed time by playing up the injury.

According to Yahoo! Sports, HoSo (can we call her that?) stated:

Part of me wishes I had never gone down to keep the team’s confidence up. There was an option earlier on of going down and getting the trainer on and doing the antics. I wanted to get up, I didn’t want to win that way. But I wonder now if I did the right thing.

We feel for you Hope, and just so you know, we still would have loved you no matter what.

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