Hope Solo’s 85-Year Old Grandmother Played Goalkeeper In A Short Film, Has Questions For Hope About Her Book

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

This is Alice Shaw, Hope Solo’s 85-year old grandmother. Taking a page from her famous granddaughter, Alice will peform between the sticks as the star of a short film called Goal! set to appear on the Bravo network. Falling Skies star Collin Cunningham directed the film, and chose Alice to play the spry senior citizen of the story despite previously considering Helen Mirren.

Hope Solo’s grandma stole a part from Helen Mirren.

The story of Goal! has something do with with a paperboy and his dream of playing in the World Cup; Alice plays the elderly woman who lives at the house on his paper route he most dreads. Somehow the two end up facing off in a penalty kick situation, with Shaw in net as the goalkeeper.

Hope’s grandma met Cunningham when both were in Vancouver during the Olympic qualifying tournament. The director felt Shaw fit the role, so he traveled from Vancouver to Alice’s home in Richland to film her part. Everything was done in Alice’s backyard with green screens (the entire film is 4 1/2 minutes long), so she didn’t even need to leave home.

“She’s so incredibly filled with life,” Cunningham said. “She’s got such presence. She’s got a wonderful look. It’s a visual medium — it’s not radio — and we needed someone who could be feared and totally sweet all at the same time.

“She’s done so much living. She’s got such a wonderful spirit and a positive outlook on life.”

If you’re wondering if Hope’s sweet 85-year old grandmother has read her controversial memoir, she has. And she has questions.

“I’ve got notes in the front of the book all ready to ask her about a few things,” Shaw said. “Just a few.”

Hmm. That sounds like a really uncomfortable conversation. Note to all you memoir writers out there: You’re going to have to answer to your grandmother about whatever you write. Something to keep in mind.

Alice was in such a rush to read that book that she didn’t even wait to get a free copy from her granddaughter. She went out and bought it herself.

“She’ll have a couple autographed ones for me,” Shaw said. “I was in too much of a hurry to read it.”

Source: Tri-City Herald

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