Huddersfield Town Goes Local For Kit Launch

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It seems the new trend for smaller clubs is not to try and ape the glamour of the big clubs (as that often comes off as trying too hard), but going to the community, and showcasing the fanbase wearing the kit.

The Portland Timbers did a crackerjack job of it in MLS. The famously counter-cultural German team FC St. Pauli did their take on it. And now, they’ve been joined by English League One side Huddersfield Town’s “Our Shirt, Our Town” campaign for the launch of their new Umbro kit (Full Disclosure: KCKRS is sponsored by Umbro).  The Terriers’ take on it involves showing Town fans going about their everyday lives wearing the snazzy new shirt.

It’s a pretty good marketing strategy. A team like Huddersfield town couldn’t pull off some dramatic, gaudy Bayern Munich style unveiling, it would be too expensive and feel disingenuous to the spirit of the club. Huddersfield isn’t some vapid glamour model or perfectly coiffed Premiership star jetting off to Ibiza. It’s the local firefighter, the teacher at your kids’ school, the person who puts in a full day’s work and comes home to be with their family and watches their local team play on the weekend.

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