Hulk Promises Not To Celebrate Against Porto Which Brings Up The Weird Statue Of Him At The Porto Museum

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Hulk, he of the well-endowed posterior and world class ability to score goals that make your head spin, returns to his old home today when Zenit St. Petersburg visits Porto in the Champions League. Because this is the modern world and the churning news cycle needs stories, several outlets are reporting that Hulk has promised not to celebrate if he scores at Estadio do Dragao in Lisbon. That’s great and all, but we’re not here to talk about how good a guy Hulk is–we’re here to talk about the freaky statue of Hulk at Porto’s club museum.

Image via hulkparaiba on Instagram

Look at it. It’s…glorious?

Hulk helped the Portuguese giants to a rack of trophies during his time there, scoring 78 league goals. He totally deserves a statue. And since Hulk is…Hulk, Porto chose to model his likeness on his trademark muscle pose celebration.

Man that dude’s head is large.

Anyway, Hulk himself hadn’t gotten a live look at the statue until this trip.

“I’ve still only seen the statue in a photo, but I thanked them for the homage. I hope to have the chance to see it and take a picture next to it,” he said.

Despite the “rightness” of Hulk not celebrating against his old team, you can’t help but wonder if the Porto faithful might enjoy seeing their former star do his Hulk pose for old time’s sake. Of course, that would require him to score and the Portuguese probably don’t want that.

Source: BBC Sport

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