Hyperakt Creates All-Encompassing Branding Proposal For #NYCFC

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Since the announcement of New York City FC, a team backed by Manchester City and the New York Yankees slated to be Major League Soccer’s twentieth franchise, we’ve brought you numerous suggestions for branding both the derivative and unique. Next up is Hyperakt, a New York-based design firm that has taken it upon themselves to create a full branding portfolio for the team-without-an-image. If you don’t know Hyperakt, you might remember them as the people behind the excellent radial bracket poster for the 2012 UEFA Champions League.

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Hyperakt’s aim with their proposal, which is unsolicited but represents an attempt to garner some attention from the league and NYCFC, was threefold:

“New York City Football Club” feels big in scope. It is unfettered by associations to mascots or natural phenomena, which is refreshing for an American sports franchise. The only clear inheritance is the blue color palette of the parent organizations. Other than that, this brand is completely wide open.

We set out to create the club’s identity with the following simple goals:

1. Build a globally recognized football brand that captures the attitude and visual iconography of New York City.
2. Embed the legacy of the ownership partners: Manchester City and NY Yankees.
3. Create a modern classic – a clean identity that appeals to both young and mature New York City football fans.

Hyperakt’s design, like the one we previously featured by Mark Willis, trades on the idea of the pentagon shape to represent the five boroughs of New York (a symbol present on the now-defunct New York subway token). The color scheme is similar as well, incorporating the sky blue of Manchester City with the navy blue of the Yankees. Hyperakt, however, stylized pentagon and font choice for a much cleaner, more modern look.

Hyperakt is looking for feedback on their proposal, so be sure to check out the other images at their website and share your thoughts in the comments below. KCKRS will also have an interview with Hyperakt creative director Deroy Peraza in the near future.

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