Idiot FC Dallas Fan Throws Bottle At His Own Player, Gets Arrested

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Defender George John scored the game winner of Saturday night’s MLS clash between the Western Conference-leading FC Dallas and defending league champs LA Galaxy in the 87th minute. Immediately after heading the ball into the net to give Dallas the win and deal LA their first loss of the year, John was struck by a flying aluminum beer bottle, thrown by one of his own fans. As stupid fan behavior goes, this was among the stupidest.

NBC Sports’ cameras caught the offender, who was subsequently arrested. 33-year old Brandon Burns was taken into custody by the Frisco, TX police department. Despite being situated in the supporters end of the stadium, FC Dallas supporters groups were quick to tweet that the culprit was not a member of their groups.

George John took it in stride, despite the large gash in the back of his head and the fact that it was one of his own fans who nailed him with a metal beer bottle.

“I knew something hit me and I wasn’t quite sure what happened – if I ran into the post or what,” John said in the locker room while showing off his staples. ”Then I looked down and I saw a beer bottle. Luckily I was able to stay in and finish out the game.” He told reporters that he’d rather the Beer Garden, “…buy him a beer at the bar next time.”

Why aluminum beer bottles in the hardest drinking, rowdiest part of the stadium? Good question. Someone with FC Dallas should probably ask it.

Source: Dallas News

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