If Looks Could Stop a Striker…Joe Hart’s Geometra Pro Touch

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Ok this post is relevant to less than 1/11 of the general soccer population, but my fellow goalkeeper brethren both past and current can get behind a sexy looking pair of gloves. Joe Hart, England’s GKing future, has given the thumbs up to a new weapon of choice, the Geometra Pro Touch. While I won’t be test-driving these any time soon, I have to say aesthetically the glove looks amazing.

A hybrid roll-finger meets negative cut palm will surely please everybody as it offers a solid fit. This comes on the back of a 15% improvement of grip which is applied on an extended palm.

In an ideal world, a goalkeeper would catch everything in his path—but alas we’ve seen more and more punch first AND punch second keepers who are unwilling to collect balls for fear of being Youtube’s FAIL of the week. For that there’s a structured punch zone integrated into a breathable mesh body.

Check your local Umbro stockist for availability.

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