If You Have Heart Strings, “The Little Team” Are About To Yank Them

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Shot by el cangrejo, “l’equip petit” is a wonderful story of Margatania F.C. – a kids team that can’t buy a goal and doesn’t let it bother them one bit. I’ll resort to referencing the overly used cliche of “the beautiful game” but I can’t think of a better expression of that than this short film.

Kids with smiles on their faces as big as the opening whistle, and plenty of those adorable quotes only the young and wide-eyed can come up with. Also, that one kid is eating like 12 cookies for breakfast. It’s tough to imagine parents in the US being anywhere near this gracious and high-spirited about the whole thing, let alone not coming to blows with the coach.

The team appear to be from Catalan, ironic that this story comes from the same region that’s home to arguably the greatest football team ever assembled. Wonder if any of Margatania F.C. will end up at La Masia?

Take a few minutes to watch the whole thing, it’ll make your day.


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