Indian Fans Don’t Care That Venky’s Owns Blackburn

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Whenever an American takes charge of a Premiership football club, there’s always a great deal of interest back in the States, even if that’s only to see whether the “USA!” chants are sincere or sarcastic. It’s like that in India, too, except exactly the opposite.

Blackburn were doomed to relegation this past weekend, in an almost farcical manner as a pitch-invading chicken was introduced as a protest against the Indian poultry giant.

But for Indian soccer fans? They weren’t that upset. According to an engineering student in Rajasthan:

I don’t care about them – didn’t like them as a team much and Indian owners don’t change that. Reasonably satisfied they’re gone.

Even Indians living in England didn’t seem that bothered by the developments. Said one Indian attending Newcastle University:

I didn’t really care about Blackburn. For me they were just another football club. I felt no special affinity towards them. I viewed them as another club my team (Arsenal) had to beat to reach the top four.

Some Indians, like Subrata Dutta, Vice President of the All-India Football Federation, were even upset at Venky’s for taking its money outside the subcontinent in the first place.

Venky’s has not invested in Indian football… Apart from one exhibition match between Pune FC and the club, Blackburn Rovers has in no way contributed for Indian football. So we are not bothered about their relegation.

I don’t think they have served our purpose or even their purpose. Being a Pune-based company, I would have been happy if they would have invested in Pune FC rather than Blackburn Rovers.

On that note, let’s all remember to thank those lifelong soccer fans, the Glazer family, for investing in the Tampa Bay Mutiny when MLS needed them and saving top-flight soccer in their home state.

Oh wait.

Full Story: Reuters

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