INTERVIEW: Zoran Lucić, The Guy Who Did “Those” Soccer Posters

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The man behind the gorgeous poster art steps up to answer a few questions about his background, his inspiration, and how his soccer poster art came to be.

KCKRS tracked down Zoran Lucić, a graphic designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the creator of the “Sucker for Soccer” series of poster art pieces for a quick interview. Zoran gives us insight into his work from the reason he decided on a soccer collection to how he chose the players to feature and the way the process comes together.

KCKRS: First things first, is there anywhere we can buy these?

ZL: I’m not selling these at the time but if somebody is interested fell free to contact me and we’ll work something out.

KCKRS: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, both for graphic design and football!

ZL: In the beginning I was a sculptor and wanted to study that, but after some time I have discovered the love for typography when I was making t-shirt designs with bleach as a teenager for friends.

Played football as a kid but never was good enough, basketball was my thing, played a lot of that.

KCKRS: Why did you decide to do this collection?

ZL: Because I have never seen some good football related design (maybe I wasn’t searching hard enough) and then I thought the subject is great, after all, football is more than a game, sporting and social phenomenon, and I have to give it a shot.

KCKRS: Where do you get the inspiration for each design?

ZL: The inspiration comes by it’s self, depending on the subject, when I choose the player I just react on it, the only rule is that the design contains the stuff considering the player, club’s colors, number… the rest is random reaction.

KCKRS: How do you pull all the elements together (typography, colors, graphics, etc)?

ZL: I always try to experiment as much is possible, like I said before some rules like club’s identity is a starting point after that I’m looking that every design is totally different concept than the previous.

I consider that way of working as a great exercise, keep’s me vital for the future work.

KCKRS: Were these all produced as one series or over time?

ZL: I have made the first posters in 2008. before European cup, about 10-15 of them, and few months ago I’ve seen those posters and wanted to ‘’refresh’’ the album and started redesigning the old and produced 80% of new posters.

KCKRS: How did you decide which players to feature?

ZL: Randomly, like my way of working where I seek endless conceptual possibilities, also same thing with players, when I do some player from ‘50s or ‘60s the next one will be for sure some of the new guys.

But, I was looking that the best 20 players of all time are included beside others.

KCKRS: How long does it take to produce one?

ZL: Depends on inspiration at that time, but mostly few hours.

KCKRS: Which poster is your favourite? Why?

ZL: Hm, maybe the Zico one, because catches the sporting spirit and also the Brazilian team’s look from that time, and very clean design I think.

KCKRS: Who is your favorite player and club?

ZL: Favourite player: Zinedine Zidane, and the club has always been Manchester united.

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