Is That FIFA12 On Nintendo 3DS In Your Pocket, Or Are You Happy To See Me?

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Remember way back, when handheld game devices were used to move monochrome shapes around and make lines? Neither do we. Behold FIFA 12 on the 3DS and weep at its magnificence. Love the way the second screen is used for the map.

Also, the guy doing the demo is terrible at FIFA12 on 3DS.

Matt Prior from EA says,

“We have hours of gameplay through our numerous game modes which represent the largest feature set we have ever done for a handheld game.

“We have 11 v 11 and Street Kickoff, a complete and immersive Career Mode, training, and over 50 authentic tournaments.

“We have a full Street mode featuring street tournaments, head-to-head local street play and an immersive be a pro mode that starts the user out as a street player with the aim to build him all the way up to an international superstar.

“We have created a game uniquely for the 3DS and have implemented numerous features that enhance the 3D. We have also revolutionised gameplay with the addition of touchscreen shooting.

Video via FIFA Soccer Blog.

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