It’s A Day Late, But Here Is Our Photo Gallery of Presidents and Soccer

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Yesterday was President’s Day in these here United States. It was a holiday for many Americans, and while we here at KCKRS didn’t take the day off, we did neglect to connect the day and the sport we love so much. To make amends, here is a small gallery of collected images of various presidents and soccer, from Barack Obama back through the years to Richard Nixon.

Barack Obama, probably the most soccer-friendly president while in office, kicking the ball around during a trip to Brazil.

George W. Bush, walking with what appears to be a soccer ball. This is the best we could do, seriously. Unless you want a photo of Bush honoring a championship team at the White House (boring).

Bill and Hillary Clinton with what the Clinton Library says is a soccer ball (we’re just going to ignore any other possibility). Via Invent Football

George H. W. Bush with his Phillips Andover soccer team, circa 1937-1942 (he’s front, center). Bush captained the team, and is therefore the only president we can find that actually played soccer competitively.

Pele met with his share of presidents, particularly during his New York Cosmos days. Here he is with Jimmy Carter.

Pele again, this time with Gerald Ford.


Richard Nixon, who we’re going to say is the most unlikely president to be connected to soccer, heading a ball at some point.

We couldn’t find any soccer-related images of Ronald Reagan, who apparently managed to avoid Pele (who was admittedly retired by the time Reagan took office), and after the surprising image of Nixon with a ball coming off his head, we weren’t able to track down anything for Johnson, Kennedy or their predecessors. So basically, those presidents hated soccer and so we don’t really care about them. I

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