ITV’s Euro 2012 Promo Imagines If England Were The Opposite Of Self-Destructive Chokers

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

ITV calls this advert “dare to dream,” and it’s a pretty good dream if you’re an England fan. Instead of Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds signing of 40 years of hurt, England have instead marched forward and conquered at every opportunity. In this dream, England didn’t give up an 87th minute goal to Yugoslavia in ’68. The Germans didn’t have their revenge in ’70, beating England with a goal in extra time. Maradona handled in ’86, and was sent off for it, England taking the title in Mexico. In this dream, every iconic moment of English footballing failure simply never happened. Can you imagine how insufferable they’d be?

It’s all very similar to the Butterfly Effect video we posted a few days back.

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