Japan Complains About Getting Lasered In Jordan

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Japan has lodged an official complaint with both FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation after a 2-1 loss in Jordan after lasers were used to distract Japanese players. During the match in Amman, Japanese players were consistently targeted with lasers by home fans, including during a penalty take by Yasuhito Endo—a penalty he subsequently missed.

Jordan football officials denied that the Japanese had any real complaint, or that the lasers were an issue during the game.

Jordanian football chiefs denied the claims. “Personally, I am surprised at these accusations,” Jordan Football Association vice-president Salah Sabra said Wednesday.

“We did not hear or notice anything about laser. The Japanese players themselves did not complain during or after the match yesterday.”

Yet, an announcement was made in the stadium at halftime asking fans to stop directing the lasers at players on the field. So the lasers were an issue, just not one the Jordanians think should have any bearing on the game they won over a regional power. Right.

Endo, the Japanese midfielder who missed a second half penalty that would brought the Blue Samurai level, did not use the lasers as an excuse for his miss.

“It wasn’t just the penalty, there were other times in the game, too, but it (the laser beam) didn’t really affect me,” the 33-year-old midfielder told the news agency.

“I was focused and tried to place the ball where I wanted to put it, but the goalkeeper read it.”

Japan’s goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima was also targeted throughout the match.

The shocking loss (Jordan is ranked 90th in the FIFA rankings) kept Japan from becoming the first team to qualify for the World Cup finals in Brazil next year, though they’ll get another shot when they host Australia next.

Someone stop the lasers. It’s getting out of control. This technology is dangerous in the wrong hands, and as we can see by instance after instance, football fans only have the wrongest of hands. It’s only a matter of time before someone with a laser actually impacts the play on the field, or someone designs a strong enough laser to pop the ball from 300 yards.

Lasers are only good for two things:

1. Heating an enormous amount of popcorn, popping it, and destroying the house of the evil professor from a raunchy teen comedy made in the 1980s

2. Tag

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