Japanese Journo Traveled To All The Way To Scotland To Cover Rangers Only To Find The Game Cancelled

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

A Japanese journalist was dispatched from the Land of the Rising Sun with one simple task: Cover a game in Scotland featuring Rangers, the world famous club currently toiling in the third division after financial ruin. But when Daisuke ­Nakajima got to Elgin, Scotland after 6,000 miles by plane and train, he discovered the game had been cancelled. Rangers’ opponent, Elgin City, had oversold their tiny ground by 25% in a bid to cash in, forcing the game to be called off.

Daisuke learned of the cancellation in the paper while traveling on the train in Scotland. Turns out, however, that he was working from an outdated fixture list, meaning that he would have missed the game even if it hadn’t been oversold. Or, he would have been at the stadium a day before the game, rather. This seems like a fairly fundamental mistake for a professional football journalist to make. Maybe he doesn’t deserve our sympathy after all. Call yourself a journalist grumblegrumble.

Luckily for Nakajima, the story of the cancellation was deemed worthy of the trip by his editor back in Japan.

‘The match at Elgin looked particularly interesting and unusual and I made arrangements to cover it,’ he revealed afterwards.

‘But I opened my paper when I was almost at Elgin and discovered the game was off.’

Elgin, hopeful of a bumper crowd for the once-in-a-lifetime fixture, sold an extra 1,100 tickets for the game – nearly 25 per cent of their 4,500 seat capacity.

Nakajima was then forced to nervously call his editor and explain the mishap, but Footballista magazine’s leading man was far from upset – instead believing that the ticket story made a better feature than the original idea on Rangers’ plight.

So it all worked out in the end. Like the comic capers of a bumbling animated character. Hoo-ray.

Source: Metro (note the wacky posed photo of Mr. Nakajima. He’s so frustrated in a funny manner!)

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