Jens Lehmann Wants To Play Blind Soccer In The 2016 Paralympics

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Former Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann made a name for himself by being excellent at commanding his area and by being absolutely batshit crazy about everything else. Above all, he relished being the first choice for his country, filling the antagonist role in a long feud with positional rival and national hero Oliver Kahn. It seems that despite his retirement, Lehmann has not lost the overriding desire to be the starter for a German national team. Except this time, he’s aiming for the blind football team.

Speaking to Bild, Lehmann, who previously flirted with un-retirement to backstop Arsenal to a 3-1 win against Blackpool in 2011 at the age of 41 and become the Gunners’ oldest Premier League player, said he was interested in the possibility of starting for the German national blind soccer team.

(Playing for the blind soccer team is) very interesting, providing I am fit to do so. In any case, it’s okay to talk about it if you are interested.

Despite the fact that Lehmann is not, as some may have noticed, actually blind or disabled in any way (although most definitely insane), his sightedness isn’t a problem. According to Julius Beucher, president of Germany’s Disabled Sports Association:

A goalkeeper is not subject to the requirement that he must have some kind of disability.

Thus, Jens Lehmann, Oliver Kahn or any other retired goalkeeper, in theory, is available. We will now discuss this privately.

The addition of a goalkeeper like Lehmann could help Germany qualify for the 2016 Paralympic Games, after the team missed out on London 2012, and the thought of Lehmann and Kahn having a public feud over who gets to be the keeper for the blind soccer team just gets us excited.

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