Joe Hart Sings Wonderwall, In Case You Didn’t Love Him Enough Already

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Despite the millions spent by Manchester City in their quest for petro-dollar domination, goalkeeper Joe Hart has remained mystifyingly likable. Perhaps it’s because he was around before the takeover, or perhaps goalkeepers exist on another plane of existence, but we’ve never met anybody with a real animosity towards the England number one. And now, he’s imitating the NSC Minnesota Stars and singing the Oasis classic “Wonderwall” on the City training ground.

It’s particularly fitting since Noel Gallagher, the songwriting brains behind Oasis, and his brother, who was also in the band, are lifelong City fans. It also may be a well-documented fact that at least one KCKRS writer (this one) is a huge Oasis fan and will post anything combining them with soccer.

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