Joey Barton Plans To Sue For Libel, Philosophizes About Death Threats

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

It’s been a little while since we highlighted Joey Barton’s tendency to wax philosophic via his Twitter account, so let’s check in on the erstwhile QPR midfielder (who is currently training with League Two side Fleetwood Town). Perhaps he’s backed off on the Twitter rhetoric in the interim.

Okay, so that’s a no. Joey is referring to an article in the Daily Star that says he’s worried he got fat over the summer. The 85-word story is headlined “Joey Barton’s A Big Lard.”

Maybe Joey will sue, or maybe he has a unique means by which he editor can make amends for the lie.

If this happens, someone send us the video.

Score a point for Joey. The Daily Star called him a “plonker”, which, while mean-spirited, doesn’t bother Joey all that much. Joey just can’t stand for the made-up quotes.

It is the Daily Star. I can’t help but wonder if Joey is just better off ignoring the tabloids. Who believes them anyway?

Then, in response to the story of British diver Tom Daly being harassed on Twitter, Joey shares his own experience and wonders if making a death threat doesn’t defeat the purpose.

If there’s one thing Joey Barton is known for, it’s thinking rationally.

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