Jose Mourinho is Disturbingly Smooth, Will Now Give You Style Tips Whether You Want Them or Not

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Electric shaving brand Braun finally has their first-ever “global ambassador” (which is not something I realized Braun needed), Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho. “The Special One” (so named in the press release) is perfect for Braun because “José’s unmistakable charisma, style, passion and performance, which are the trademarks of his life and work, are also synonymous with Braun’s brand and heritage.” So there you go.

For Mourinho’s part, you knew he wouldn’t sign on unless he was sure Braun wouldn’t hurt his carefully cultivated image. And if you didn’t, you do now.

“Since the beginning I promised myself that I wouldn’t just do brand partnerships for the money. First of all I do them because I feel something with the product. Braun is a brand that I like. It’s a brand with prestige. They think I am good for their image. I also think being connected with Braun is good for my image. It’s a good partnership.”

Jose feels something for Braun. Is ambivalence “something”?

Check out a freshly shaved and disturbingly smooth Jose from a photo shoot for Braun by famed photog Rankin.

Jose’s iconic stylish persona – which we might as well call his “brand” – is part of his allure, and represented a refreshing change from the tracksuits and drabness typically seen in England when he landed at Chelsea back in 2004. The English remain fascinated by him, in part because he’s is the antithesis of the typical British football man. Jose knows that he’s being watched and presents himself accordingly. Everything is calculated.

In an interview with GQ UK, Mourinho addressed his his style choices (like this year’s more casual look), how players dress, and his shaving habits (because of the Braun thing, obviously).

This season I’m going a different direction. I’m not going to wear a suit to the matches – I’m going very casual. When I started wearing a suit and a tie to games, not many others did, but certainly ten years later everybody does. So now I’m wearing casual trousers. I think that other people will follow.

It shouldn’t be surprising that a.) Jose thinks he dictated trends in coaching attire (which is probably true on some level, but it takes cojones to say it out loud) and b.) is consciously making changes to his sideline style that he expects will also become trends in the world of the sartorial manager.

Young players today are not very stylish. I have so many fights and laughs with the Madrid squad because these days, a manager has to adapt to the age group they are working with and it’s a quality a manager should have. The managers are getting older, and the players are always young boys. So you can imagine Alex Ferguson, at 70, will think the kids are badly dressed. But they like to dress for the times.

Translation: Sir Alex is old and totally uncool. Jose obviously understands the style, even if he thinks players these days make poor choices.

I’d like to see the players dressed properly. That doesn’t need to mean a suit and tie – it means not in shorts and a T-shirt on the day of the match, or leaving the stadium, or going into a press conference. I just use the word “properly” and I leave the space for them to understand what that is – it’s their choice and their responsibility. The football stadium means work – it’s not just a pitch.

Onto shaving, where Jose will no doubt inspire a millions of men to make the switch to electric razors with quotes like these.

I never shave the day of a match. I used to shave with a razor. I was always afraid of making a mistake with the blade and nicking my face – things that happen when you shave in a traditional way. It was a habit and a routine from the old times; now there are such good electric shavers I don’t have this problem. I don’t shave every day, but when I do, I like to take my time and I like to do it properly.

Jose could never be seen on the touchline with a nick. Never ever ever. Jose also doesn’t wear aftershave or colognes, believes a watch is the only piece of jewellery a man should wear, and recommends every man own a white shirt. Basically, forget taking your fashion cues from anyone else. Jose is your man.

And that is why he’s The Special One.

Image: GQ

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