KCKRS x Man United: The Rio Ferdinand Interview

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

On Friday, July 15, Seattle’s Nike Town hosted the launch of the new Manchester United Away Kit. For the 2011/2012 campaign the shirt draws from tops worn in some of the club’s most storied victories, including the 1948 FA Cup and the 1968 European Cup.

The new shirt consists of a royal body with hoops made of navy blue and black stripes. Each hoop is made of 11 stripes to represent the players on the field.

At the launch we spoke with Rio Ferdinand, Park Ji-Sung, and captain Nemanja Vidić. Each shared their thoughts on the new away kit and the current US tour. Rio also gave us an inkling of how he’d like to run a Premier League All-Star Game.

KCKRS: Describe the feeling you had the first time you put on a Manchester United shirt.

RF: It was more of a desire to go out there and put myself in the history of the club. To make sure that when I left the club, I walked out proud knowing I’d contributed to the history of the club.

KCKRS: The new kits are 100% recycled material. Is this important to you?

RF: Yeah, it is. I think it is great. The more people that follow suit, the better it is for the environment and that is the way forward.

KCKRS: Do you look good in blue?

RF: I look good in any color, man. It’s not about the color though, it is about how you play. You have to feel comfortable.

KCKRS: You are playing against the MLS All-Stars in New York, and you’ve recently stated that you think an Premier League All-Star game would be good. How do you think that would look?

RF: I think it would be good. The Americans have got it right in that sense that they get the fans involved and let them have their say in picking the team. It is an achievement for the players to be picked in the all-star game for the NBA and NFL. It would be the same for us in England.

KCKRS: North vs. South?

RF: North vs. South, definitely. I think it would be a goer.

KCKRS: What if you had to play with guys from Man City?

RF: Do that anyway for England.

KCKRS: True. How important is it for the team to go on tours like this one, to the US, in terms of camaraderie and preparation for the coming campaign?

RF: It’s great. You set yourself up for the season and we get to meet the new signings – we’ve had three or four. One is here, Ashley Young, he’s settled in right away. We’ve got three other guys coming. Phil Jones is coming on the 15th. This is the time for us to get to know everyones personalities and the way they play.

KCKRS: How much does it mean for you to be able to interact with fans here in the States?

RF: That’s why I do so much on Twitter. Interaction with fans and getting them closer to the players is great. As a fan, I look at it from a fan perspective, the more interaction the better you feel.

KCKRS: Final question, this one is from our Twitter followers, can you live without Twitter?

RF: At this point, no. Simple as that.

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