Kean Is Out, But “Kean Out” Should Live On

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Despite a desperate call from his wife to Venky’s, the club’s owners, Steve Kean is finally out as manager of Blackburn Rovers. The resolution of the sorry affair of Kean’s in-out-in-out dance over the last week brings to an end the desperate pleading on the part of Rovers fans for Kean to get the sack. From being shouted directly to his face to signs at WWE events in Boston, the “Kean Out” campaign has given us all so much. Does it really have to end?

The answer is a firmly stated “No.” Just because Kean is actually out doesn’t mean “Kean Out” should cease as a football meme. Keep those signs going, people (I’m still holding out hope for The Today Show). Shout “Kean Out” to the rafters in each and every broadcasted public setting. The random appearance of “Kean Out” across the globe is a sliver of shining light in an otherwise darkening world, and it would be a shame to see it end simply because Blackburn’s ridiculously slow-acting owners finally followed an imperative.

Mostly, “Kean Out” needs to live on because it’s funny, dammit.

In his statement, Steve Kean with the classy route and resisted the urge to turn “Kean Out” on its head by writing “Venky’s Out” in capital letters several dozen times.

“For reasons that I cannot discuss on legal advice, it is with deep regret, given my hard work and service for the club for a number of years, that I have been forced to resign as manager of Blackburn Rovers Football Club with immediate effect, due to my position as team manager becoming untenable.

“I wish to thank all the players and coaching staff for their great support and the majority of the fans, who now see their club heading towards an automatic promotion position back to the Premiership. I wish the club all the very best for the future.”

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