Kenny Dalglish Will Be Subtitled For Liverpool’s Documentary

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

I have always said that football should be a lot more like the film Trainspotting, and thanks to Liverpool football club, now it is. Fortunately, there will be no heroin junkies or dead babies crawling on the ceiling, but there will be subtitles for the Scottish guy. Because Americans can’t understand Kenny Dalglish, you see.

It made quite a storm a few weeks ago when Fox Soccer announced it was doing an in-depth, six-part documentary on Liverpool entitled You’ll Never Walk Alone. The only problem is, for those not well-versed in the nuances of the Glaswegian dialect, manager Kenny Dalglish can come off a bit… incomprehensible. And there’s nobody better at not understanding foreigners than American television audiences.

Subtitling is regularly used on American reality shows as a service to the viewer any time dialogue may be challenging to hear or discern.

It is normal procedure and is not intended to offend ­anyone.

According to a “Liverpool insider,” however:

Kenny is proud of his Scottish accent. It is an insult to suggest he should be given subtitles.

You know what else is insulting? Mid-table.

Full Story: The Mirror

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