Kevin Garnett Does Not Own Part of Roma Because the NBA Blocked the Deal

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Way back in December of 2011, news dropped that Boston Celtics big man Kevin Garnett would be buying a piece of AS Roma, thereby turning his love of soccer into a tangible interest in the sport. As it turns out, that deal never went through because the NBA nixed the deal. Owning some of Roma alongside Celtics investor James Pallotta would create a conflict of interest.

Garnett can’t be contracted to play for the Celtics, a part of which Pallotta owns, and be an investor in the same football club. That situation creates the possibility of money being directed Garnett’s way outside of his Celtics contract. That’s a basic no-no.

Meanwhile, LeBron James can have an interest in Liverpool because Fenway Sports Group does not have an interest in the NBA. Conceivably, Garnett can buy into almost any other club he wants, just not Roma. Garnett is a Chelsea fan: maybe he should call up Roman to see if he can buy a tiny little slice of the Blues. Or, since Kevin is tight with Becks, maybe he can help David get that Miami MLS franchise people seem to think Goldenballs will have a stake in off the ground…

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