Kobe Bryant Talked To Alex Morgan With His Hands Down His Pants, Played In Goal With Bum Finger

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So I was in DC for Mia Hamm’s Celebrity Soccer Challenge, which turned out to be a pretty damn entertaining match considering it was a bunch of celebs playing in 95 degree heat in the noon-day sun. A few key moments stuck out for me in particular, though.

Firstly, Kobe and Alex Morgan quickly became buddies as you can tell from this lovely post-match photo Alex tweeted. I’m also posting this because I actually designed the t-shirt Kobe is wearing. High five!

… and then also this photo of Kobe talking with Alex with both hands down his pants. I was carrying two cameras with me but as I was texting when I saw this photo opp, I had to take it with my iPhone quickly to avoid missing the moment. You paying attention, Jozy?

Kobe also wore two pairs of shorts the entire time because the pair he got as part of his Barca kit were probably a wee bit small for a 6’6 giant. I would have preferred to see Kobe rock them anyway. Jordan and Magic would have.

Kobe then followed that up by scoring an own goal. I remember seeing it all unfold and thinking “man I hope someone has video of that” and, of course, Brooks does.

For guys whose paying jobs require rather healthy hands, both Kobe Bryant and Washington Redskin DeAngelo Hall had stints in goal. Kobe of course already has a legendarily bum finger, while Hall is a cornerback in the NFL and probably wants to look after those hands.

Or not…

And lastly, there were two enthusiastic young fans enjoying the event both wearing replica kits with name and number on the back. One of them thinks soccer is fun, the other is a badass . I’ll let you guess which is which.

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