Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet Neymardelo

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Yesterday was a good day for American soccer. The USWNT dismantled Denmark, then the MNT beat Italy in Italy, and the day was capped off with a U23MNT victory over Mexico, a “dos a cero” win. But what the Hell was up with Juan Agudelo’s hair?

Agudelo, the 19 year old New York Red Bulls striker seen by many as a future USMNT star, showed up to the Mexico game sporting a dyed mohawk that even Brazilian wunderkind Neymar would have called a bit garish. We would normally say something about how he needs to lose the ’do, but considering he scored against Mexico, perhaps he should be encouraged to make this his permanent hairstyle?

No. No, he should not.

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