Last Night’s Brazil-Argentina Match Was Called Off Maybe Because The Brazil Bus Hit An Electrical Box

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The second leg of the annual Brazil-Argentina Superclasico series, set for the Estadio Centario in Argentina, was cancelled last night due to floodlight failure. Some outlets are reporting than an electrical box near the stadium was struck by a vehicle, bringing out firefighters and resulting in a lengthy delay that prompted the match official to call off the game after a 45 minute wait.

The best part, if it’s true, is the identity of the offending vehicle as reported by

The second leg of their Superclasico de las Americas was postponed after a blackout that was believed to have been caused by the Selecao team bus hitting an electricity trailer on their way into the stadium.

Fire-fighters were called to the scene after smoke began emanating from the trailer and electricians declared the problem would require a lengthy amount of time to correct, leaving Chilean referee Enrique Osses with no choice but to abandon the game after already delaying it 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to locate video of said team bus hitting said electricity trailer. This is the YouTube generation; no one was filming Brazil at they pulled in, thereby catching the bus running into the trailer? Not one person?

Instead, YouTube is filled with videos like this one, where cameras catch the players wandering around and killing time before the referee finally called the game off. Riveting stuff.


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