Late To The Party 2: We Brought Dip This Time

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Sorry we’re late. The dog got the squirts, then a little got on my pants while I was cleaning it up, then the I couldn’t find my keys after changing into new pants… Anyway, we’re here now, bearing dip and a few items from the recent past that we meant to cover and missed. Enjoy!

Neymar tries on every costume in the store. Prima donna.

As part of an ad campaign pushing milk on kids, Neymar dressed up like a fairy, a cow, and a kung-fu guy. Then he went on Let’s Make a Deal and picked door number two.

Isn’t this ice hockey’s bit?

This goalkeeper from Bucharest is not small. Speaking of positions that with cliche fat guys: what ever happened to that kid that played catcher in The Sandlot and goalkeeper in The Big Green?

66,000 people can’t be wrong. Unless they think “The New Normal” is a good show.

There’s a rule that when you have a big sporting event, you have to do time-lapse and highlights to up-tempo music prominently featuring a piano. I’m glad we won’t have to sanction Seattle this year.

Man of the people, or total glory hound?

Ashley Young is injured, but he went to United’s match away to Newcastle anyway. Rather than sit with stuffed shirts bound to hate on him for his coat, Ashley chose to sit with the away fans.

And this has been “Late to the Party”, a post about things that happened that are still interesting even though they happened outside of the acceptable window for a blog like this to post about them.

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