Lauren Cheney And Her NBA Boyfriend Jrue Holiday Make Us Feel Uncomfortable Over Twitter

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

USWNT midfielder Lauren Cheney’s biggest fan is her HAB. His name is Jrue Holiday, and he’s a point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. Together, they are a dynamic duo of athletic prowess and “Aww”-eliciting sweetness. Gross or awesome? YOU DECIDE.

Holiday is in Germany (cool) cheering on the USWNT, and has been tweeting up a storm in support of his girl and the squad.

Aww…how cute are these two? Meanwhile, Holiday is getting to know soccer; we can only assume he’ll have the entire Sixers rosters into the game by the time the NBA season rolls around (if the season rolls around), which means we might see a new group of very tall men decked out in soccer gear come the winter.

In all seriousness, Lauren and Jrue seem like a great couple. They met while at UCLA and started dating after graduating to pursue their dream / make insane amounts of cash respectively. They share a love of God, they’re both top athletes, and we have every right to expect them to produce several offspring with unbelievable soccer skills and athleticism. Every. Right.

We can only imagine the saccharine tweets likely to hit the Internet from Lauren and Jrue if the US wins the World Cup tomorrow.

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