Leaked Tottenham 11/12 Shirt Looks… Like A Shirt

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Personally I’m a huge fan of the simple minded school of design when it comes to football shirts. A lot of the times less really is more. I’ll always support a cleanly tailored kit over one that uses weird design gimmicks that really make no sense. But then there’s this apparently leaked Tottenham Hotspur 11/12 kit by Puma.

You’ll remember that Spurs ran a ‘Guess the new kit’ campaign, and if you managed not to touch the cool facebook design tool they made and just looked at the blank template you basically would have guessed the kit perfectly. Maybe that was part of the gimmick. Ha-ha! How hilarious.

Ok but seriously. This is a white shirt with a couple logos on it. Get your wallets ready. But all that being said, the safe route is… safe, plus Spurs fans and purists have often called for a pure white shirt so maybe this is a response to that. Or Puma’s just maximizing their margins before they lose their sponsorship rights to Under Armour. The shirt definitely doesn’t look bad. This is just a leak, so we’ll hold out to see if it’s the real deal, but most signs point to yes.

Images: Football Shirt Culture.

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