Lee Westwood’s Caddy Hurt Himself Playing Pickup Soccer

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The number three golfer in the world will have to find a new number two after his caddy injured himself in a pickup soccer game. Billy Foster, caddy to Lee Westwood may have torn his right knee ligaments during an impromptu kickabout.

Apparently there’s an annual charity between European golf caddies and a Charlotte soccer club (perhaps the Charlotte Eagles), and Foster, not even planning to play, was on the field during warm-ups and playing with some friends when he landed awkwardly.

Westwood, the world number three, described the conversation that took place after his caddy’s injury:

He asked me if I loved him. I said, “Yes …”

Accidents happen. What can you do? He goes skiing twice a year and he’s never (hurt) anything doing that, and then he puts his foot down wrong on a football field having a kick-around.

I did remind him that he’s now 46 and not 26.

I know next to nothing about golf, but I would like to see how a team made up of caddies plays. Do they have to call “fore” before every long pass?

Full Story: Chicago Tribune

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