Leeds United Fans Angry That Iconic Club Anthem Was Appropriated By Minnesota Twins Fans

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Everyone knows Leeds United’s official club anthem “Marching on Together”, including, it seems, baseball fans in middle America. A group of Minnesota Twins fans called Minnesota Culture Club took the song and bent it to their own baseball-specific purposes, producing a YouTube video using Skype to show various fans singing the adapted song (new lyrics: “Here we go with Minnesota” and “Twins, Twins, Twins”). This may or may not be going down well in Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Evening Post reports that several Leeds fans, upon hearing the Twins version of the anthem, tweeted out varying degrees of disgust. Up to and including a suggestion that Minnesota Culture Club should be sued, because, “that’s what any American would do were the tables turned.”

Luckily for the Minnesotans, there doesn’t seem to be any grounds for legal action, no matter how upset Leeds fans might be.

Their complaints were backed today by Marching On Together co-writer Les Reed, although he ruled out the possibility of taking legal action.

Les said: “I sympathise with Leeds United fans, who have always regarded the song as sacrosanct to their club.

“[But] even if another artist covers a song, this is not illegal.”

Meanwhile, lyricist Barry Mason, who helped pen the song in 1972, had a friendlier take.

Barry Mason, the wordsmith who collaborated with Les on the original, said: “The Americans are cheeky nicking our song, but it is very flattering too that it is being enjoyed by a new generation of fans.”

No word on how many American brows furrowed at Mason’s use of the phrase “cheeky nicking.”

One has to wonder whether Leeds fans shouldn’t see it more from Mason’s perspective. While the song was written specifically for Leeds, unlike “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which is now synonymous with Liverpool but is also sung by soccer fans around the world, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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