Let’s Help Toronto FC Rookie Demitrius “Meaty” Omphroy Get On Canadian Teen Drama Degrassi

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Can a hashtag and a dream get an MLS rookie on a Canadian teen drama? What started as a throwaway tweet from TFC defender Demitrius Omphroy is now a slowly building campaign to get him a guest spot on the iconic Canadian television series Degrassi. If you’re not sure who Demitrius Omphroy is, allow me to enlighten you.

Demitrius Omphroy is a first year defender out of the University of California with a passion for music and the appearance to match. He’s got the tats. He’s got the piercings. He’s got the sick stage name, Meaty. He’s got a viral video to his credit and actually made decent music.

Omphroy’s Twitter persona is @MeatyTwit, naturally, and it’s there that the idea for getting him on Degrassi took root:

Very succinct.

If you’re anything other than Canadian, Kevin Smith, or an avid watcher of the Nickelodeon family of networks, you might need a little primer on Degrassi. The show is a teen drama set in a Toronto high school, making it just like a million other shows that have come and gone. But Degrassi has been going strong as the center of the Canadian teen drama universe for over 30 years. The current version of the show is the fourth in the world of Degrassi, and is in its 11th season. Degrassi has been running so long (the first show premiered in 1979) that kids born after it started have kids that are watching it now. Also, Drake got his start there. Seriously.

The hashtag #GetMeatyTwitOnDegrassi is the hashtag now bouncing around the MLS twittersphere to promote getting Omphroy on the show.

So what if Omphroy/Meaty gets himself on Degrassi? What character will he play? Would it be a walk-on as himself, the singer/footballer/model (yeah, he does that too)?

Maybe he can sing the hook of his newest musical effort, “Facebook Chat”:

Or recreate the video he did with his Cal teammates that went viral:

If Meaty can get his shot at Canadian television fame, it will be just one more thing he can add to his crazy resume.

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